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Telequip®...Count on Us!

Welcome to Telequip, A Crane Co Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated coin dispensing equipment. Telequip provides standalone and embedded coin dispensing solutions across a broad range of retail and hospitality markets. Our coin dispensers have a proven track record of helping our customers increase their profits, with a strong reputation for quality, reliability and longevity. In fact, 4 out of the top 5 Quick Serve Restaurants choose Telequip coin dispensing solutions (based on QSR Magazine’s Top 50 report, August, 2007).

You can count on our solutions to provide:

   * Fast speed of service
         o Speeds each transaction by up to 5-8 seconds for faster thru-put
         o Improves speed of service by up to 15%
   * Accurate, automated transactions connected directly to your POS system
         o Correct change every time, reducing cashier errors and shrink
   * Efficient cash management
         o Streamlines coin handling throughout the operation

To learn more about how Telequip coin dispensers can improve your bottom line:

   * Access our product overviews
         o T-Flex™: the state-of-the-art design for standalone transactions
         o CoinXpress™: the hopper-style embedded solution for high volume environments
         o Accessory Products: the Canister Loading Solution and the Load-in-Lane canister
   * Access Telequip’s Profit Calculator for the QSR market and “do the math” yourself
   * View our on-line Customer Videos for first hand experiences
   * Review our Customer Testimonials and see how automated coin dispensing can make a difference in your operation.

Telequip Quick Service

If you are operating a restaurant in the Quick Serve market place, then you know that speed of service is critical to your success. Your customers want a quality product and they want it fast!

Telequip’s T-Flex standalone coin dispenser links to your Point of Sale system and addresses the business challenges faced by quick serve business operators by providing:

Telequip Fast speed of service

   * Speeds service by up to 5-8 seconds, saving valuable time for faster thru-put

Telequip Accurate, automated transactions

   * Correct change every time, reducing cashier errors and shrink

Telequip Efficient cash management

   * Streamlines coin handling throughout the operation

Telequip coin dispensers have become an indispensable tool to quick serve establishments, such as:

   * Subway
   * Quiznos Sub
   * Dunkin’ Donuts
   * Dairy Queen
   * McDonald’s
   * Chipotle
   * Wendy’s
   * Moe’s Southwest Grill
   * Kentucky Fried Chicken
     and many more . . .

Run our easy to use Profit Calculator to see how installing a Telequip coin dispenser can put your operation on the road to increased profits.


We have utilized the Telequip coin dispensers for several years now. With all of the focus on through put, we feel that they save our Sandwich Artists anywhere from 5 to 7 seconds per transaction. They are much more accurate (dispensing the proper amounts in the lowest denominations) than having Sandwich Artists handing out change. We strongly recommend that, as new stores open or existing stores remodel, that franchisees budget for a Telequip coin dispenser for each P.O.S. system. They will recoup their investment in short order!

Subway Multi-store Franchisee, Queensbury, NY

Telequip Company Profile

Telequip, a Crane Co. Company, has been manufacturing coin dispensing solutions for our customers since 1974. Our work force is comprised of product engineers, sales and marketing, customer service and assembly professionals at our headquarters in Salem, New Hampshire. Our solid history of experience and professionalism results in products that are second to none.

Quality: At Telequip, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence. Our coin dispensers are manufactured on site, where we employ our stringent quality control standards. The result is a product that is retail-rugged and virtually maintenance free.

Telequip coin dispensers can simplify all aspects of cash management, including cashier productivity, cashier errors/shrink, cashier training and coin management.

Products: Telequip’s products include the Transact 2 family of coin dispensers, including the T-Flex, our latest offering. In addition, we also offer the CoinXpress™, a hopper-style embedded coin dispensing system for high volume transactions.

Telequip's customers span a variety of vertical markets and include but are not limited to the following:

Grocery: Albertson's, Safeway, Roundy's, Stater Brothers.

Convenience: BP, Dari Mart, Flash Foods, Thornton's, Holiday Station Stores, Mapco Express, Double Quick, Ricker's, Rutter's Farm.

Quick Serve: McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Wendy's and Quiznos.

Self-Checkout and Self-Service Kiosk Systems: Albertson's, Meijer, The Kroger Company, Home Depot, Walmart, BJ's, Tesco, Marks & Spenser, Stop & Shop, Tops Markets, Loblaw's, HEB, Publix, Food Lion.

Cafeteria Solutions: Aramark and Sodexho/Mariott.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Telequip's reputation for innovation and revolutionary solutions for the POS industry has earned the company repeated designations as "Peripheral Supplier of the Year" by the International Cash Register Dealers Association (ICRDA).

International Capability: Telequip supports the Euro coin set, as well as coin sets from the following countries: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. Please consult your sales representative for product-specific information.