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Barcode Scanners integrated with acoustic modem option can submit data via the phone.  This is an excellent alternative when working with vendors that receive phone transmitted orders.  The scanners below are great supplaments to the telxons and msi units that were commonly used to submit phone orders.  However, these scanners are more versatile due to their compact size and enhanced scanning capability.
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CipherLab 8021
CipherLab 8000 series, 8021-C Acoustical Handheld Barcode Scanner
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Sale Price: $375.00
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CipherLab 8000 series, 8021-C Handheld Acoustical (can transmit orders via the phone) Barcode Scanner.  This Cipherlab 8000 (8021-C) is able to submit data via the phone, which works as an excellent replacement for MSI or Telxon units.  This pocket sized scanner requires NO WAND, just point and push the button.  The Cipherlab 8000 (8021) can scan through cooler doors too!  Cipherlab 8000 (8021) series is a mobile computer that makes quick work of dispensing tickets, order pickup and route accounting. The Cipherlab 8000 (8021) series handheld barcode scanner can scan and batch upload in fast, easy steps to speed product ordering and inventory management. The Cipherlab 8000 (8021) series line is perfect for streamlining many operations, like shelf labeling.
Barcode Scanner Cipherlab 8000  series 8021-L Acoustic Laser Imager
Barcode Scanner Cipherlab 8000 series 8021-L Acoustic Laser Imager
Our Price: $518.47
Sale Price: $456.25
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Cipherlab 8000  series 8021-L Acoustic Laser Imager Barcode Scanner.  Within the Cipherlab 8000 series handheld barcode scanner computer family, the 8021-L is designed with the attributes of a mobile phone in mind.  The Cipherlab (8000) 8021-L is versatile by being pocket portable sized, and has the 21 keys that everyone is familiar with and accustomed to using.   This Cipherlab 8021-L communicates via the phone, and can batch or store data when out of range.  The cipherlab 8000 series scanner empowers the users to keep business moving right in the hands of the people that need it the most in retail, healthcare, field sales, or warehousing.